Five best hikes in San Diego

Laveena Bachani
3 min readJan 1, 2021


Seashells near ocean and crossover on creeks
Troubles while climbing and sunsets on peak
Eucalyptus scent after rain in the wind
These are a few of my favorite things.

New to San Diego? These are five best places to hike.

  1. Torrey Pines State Reserve

The place is best of both worlds, beach and rocks. In Short, a beautiful location to hike and enjoy scenic views of ocean from a height. Good news is there are many trails and lookout corners each with different heavenly path and views. All trials are easy, many people come with their Kids with picnic. I would advice to start early because their are many trails to walk around and also parking limitation till sunset. I did not realize the total length of trail because its not like start-end trail, there are many trails and multiple lookout points so you can decide how much you want to go.

2. Los Penasquitos Creek Preserve

If you are like me, and love some water around while hiking, Los Penasquitos Creek Preserve is your place. The 7.3 miles loop trail starts around the Penasquitos Creek. It never feels tiring walking in cool breeze under trees with music of water stream flowing and birds chirping. If you go after rain, the smell of Eucalyptus trees with fill your lungs with sweet scented euphoric fragrance. And yes there is a waterfall!

3. Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve

Escape the city and find a moment of peace under nature? This is your place. The place is surrounded by mountains, and there is water preserve that gives the place some scenic views. Many trails paths to explore. The famous up-trail is 1.5 miles in distance. The trails sometimes gets little dangerous, but nothing of much difficulty.

4. Cowles Mountain

Now, I know what they say, it is the highest peak in San Diego. I don’t believe that but you can see San Diego city from its height. It’s like Hollywood sign hike of San Diego. As yes, you guessed it right, it is popular so busy, So plan it accordingly. The hike is easy and sometimes gets rocky, the total trail path is 1.5 miles to the peak so bring some water if it is too sunny.

5. Sunset Cliff Natural Park

The place is heaven on earth. You are able to see full horizon view of ocean and waves. They have made trails around it. Which is good way to check out scenic views while keeping it moving. But it is also a good place for meditation and relaxing. It is a must check out in San Diego.

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